In 2013, we partnered with Waves For Water, an organization dedicated to bringing clean water to communities in need all around the world. In May 2013, SOSL and W4W worked together to implement our first clean-water project in Sierra Leone.

We raised $10,000 which brought Waves 4 Water to Sierra Leone with 100 filters and bucket systems. Each filter can deliver up to one million gallons of water, cleaned to higher standards than typical bottled water.

We also added a 5,000 liter water storage tank and rain gutters to our flagship Muddy Lotus Primary School. Rainy season is long and heavy in Sierra Leone, and with the rainwater harvesting system, our school and community gains access to a brand new source for clean water!

In November 2013, Waves For Water returned to Sierra Leone, adding three more 5,000 liter water storage tanks in our community, trained and distributed an additional 150 filter and bucket systems, and oversaw the restoration of water wells at the schools and villages.

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