We Have Friends All Around the World!

“Human connection: our greatest renewable resource” ~ Tiffany Persons

Sycamore School and Muddy Lotus have created a powerful cultural exchange program that opens hearts, minds, and worlds, enabling a one on one student exchange that develops as each student grows. This opportunity to learn of their similarities and differences is a gift that inspires. We are excited to continually build connection and perspective in the worlds of our students while embracing expanded knowledge about each other’s worlds.

Established in 2015, The Sycamore School in Malibu prides itself in fostering self-directed leaders and creative problem solvers in their classrooms. Built upon the pillar of facilitating a students journey of creating meaningful connections and impacts in an ever evolving world, Shine On Sierra Leone was ecstatic to collaborate.

The Muddy Lotus Primary uses a unique teaching approach in alignment with The Sycamore School which fosters genuine and positive development from the inside out, empowering each individual at their core.

Chris Plutte, Co-Founder of Global Nomads Group wrote to support his profound commitment to cultural exchange “Every student needs to have a meaningful cross-cultural exchange during their education. Every student needs to learn to value life differences as deeply as similarities. Because for our youth today, interacting, living and learning to thrive with someone who is different is the norm and is the future. Virtual exchanges are the vessels that can make this happen.

With virtual exchanges, every student, every young human being can have a direct relationship with a peer in a country and culture different than their own. That experience, that direct relationship, that empathy building, research has shown, holds a direct correlation to the reduction of conflict and violence. Once I get to know you, regardless and inclusive of our differences, in short, I am less likely to harm you. I am more likely to make peace with you. This is the power of connection and peace.”  

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