Sierra Leone Team

  • Kadiatu Kondeh
    Kadiatu Kondeh SL Coordinator
  • Paramount Chief Bona
    Paramount Chief Bona Paramount Chief of Nimikoro Chiefdom
  • Mariama Sow
    Mariama Sow Head of Muddy Lotus Primary School
  • Tamba Fillie
    Tamba Fillie Assistant Head Teacher
  • Abubakarr Sanccoh
    Abubakarr Sanccoh Teacher
  • Dauda Sidibay
    Dauda Sidibay Teacher
  • Fatmata Sesay
    Fatmata Sesay Teacher
  • Ibrahimson Sesay
    Ibrahimson Sesay Teacher
  • Isatu Mansaray
    Isatu Mansaray Teacher
  • Jebriela Mansaray
    Jebriela Mansaray Teacher
  • Komba Nyandemoh
    Komba Nyandemoh Teacher
  • Michael Bangura
    Michael Bangura Teacher
  • Mohamed Kargbo
    Mohamed Kargbo Teacher
  • Mohamed Mansaray
    Mohamed Mansaray Teacher
  • Sia Tommy
    Sia Tommy Teacher

Shine On's Family Support Program Social Workers

  • Hannah Matturie
    Hannah Matturie Shine On Family Support Program
  • Kai Wuseni
    Kai Wuseni Shine On Family Support Program
  • Jacob Sories
    Jacob Sories Shine On Family Support Program
  • Abubakarr Kamara
    Abubakarr Kamara Shine On Family Support Program

USA Team

  • Tiffany Persons
    Tiffany Persons Founder
  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly Board Member
  • David Angelo
    David Angelo Board Member
  • Fallon Wong
    Fallon Wong Intern
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