Ghana Day 3

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Ghana Day 3. What makes our director of education, @zoelewin so special outside of her fierce passion to evolve the education experience for students and teachers around the world – is her first hand experience opening a one of a kind school in Ghana with O Africa. This experience transformed teachers in a profound way requesting that they reach inside of themselves to discover and unveil their best teacher, their best guide for their students. 2 years ago, that school closed due to lack of funding and O Africa decided to refocus on their core mission – saving the lives of children with HIV – and the teachers and students went on to different schools, always keeping what they learned during that time with them. The silver lining is that Zoe is now working with Shine On to create an educational program that is going unleash the power inside of our teachers and students in an unprecedented way. Why is this so important to me? Because as a child, I learned differently than others and struggled greatly with school. There were no terms or programs for dyslexic or hands on learners, you did the best that you could. teachers did not have the tools to entertain the student that is holding up the class. I am so excited to be creating a school that will nurture all learning styles and types of students. Today, Zoe’s former students threw a celebration for her. There were tears, drums, dancing and I found at least 5 mini me’s! The stories went on and on of how their unique school experience with Zoe will live with them forever and that it truly changed their lives. Zoe’s experience combined with our burgeoning inner development curriculum is going to create an educational experience so perfectly designed for the human spirit that I can’t quite find the words. Here’s to another great day. Shine on!ghanaday3
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