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Students at Muddy Lotus Primary are now able to receive basic health services for common sicknesses such as malaria that prevent them from being healthy enough to learn. Ashley’s Project is our newest avenue to bring healing to our students and staff. In its first month alone, over 70 patients have been served.

Ashley’s Clinic: The Legacy

An adventurous spirit, Ashley was known as a thoughtful, kind, and loving person. Always showing inspired compassion,  her beautiful smile, laugh, love of life were infectious! It took courage to do all that Ashley did in her short life.

During her life, Ashley authentically cared about others. Now, she will continue to in her afterlife. Thank you for your support of Ashley’s Clinic, at Muddy Lotus Primary School in Sierra Leone.  We are overwhelmed with appreciation.

Ashley’s Clinic is now open!

~Updated 08.07.19~

Since Ashley’s clinic opening June 2018:

Total student visits: 515

Total teacher visits: 51

Total community members visits: 10

Total Cases of Malaria seen and treated: 275

Total Cases of Typhoid seen and treated: 4

Total Patient Visits: 576


*Nurse Esther can see local community members if they appear too sick to walk three miles to the nearest clinic, and if no transportation is available. 

This is my happiest moment! I have been waiting for this time and this day for a very long time. I am thrilled, so excited, this is now what I need in this center. The work is now on! I have all the drugs I need, all the instruments I need, a bed, a well-fixed room with a fan and lighting. I now have all I need at the Ashley’s Clinic thanks to Shine on Sierra Leone and everyone’s support. I can now get to work, so that there will be no more sickness in this village, in this community and in this school. I want to say a big thank-you on behalf of the teachers and the students and their families. Thank you for such a wonderful gift. Shine on Sierra Leone!

-Nurse Esther on the opening of Ashley’s Clinic

Every day, more children and teachers are coming in with fevers and headaches and the diagnosis is almost always Malaria. It is a true blessing to have a clinic at the school. Especially during this rainy season when Malaria is so common.

-Kadi, School Administrator

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